One of the first game announcements of the year (or one of the last of 2015) came from Square Enix, who announced that Final Fantasy IX will be coming to PC and smartphones sometime in 2016.

The version of Final Fantasy IX that will be coming to PC and mobile devices won't be a direct port of the original PlayStation release from 2000. Instead, Square Enix will be adding "high-definition graphics" alongside modern features like achievements, auto-save, and a high speed mode.

Sometimes HD remasters of games don't look as good as the original, but judging by the trailer, Final Fantasy IX will look great in this revamped version. The trailer doesn't show a whole lot of gameplay though, so there's still a few surprises in store.

The mobile port of Final Fantasy IX will be launching on both iOS (7.0 or later) and Android (4.1 or later). Square Enix recommends an iPhone 5s or newer for the best experience as far as iOS devices are concerned, while on the Android side, the company only says the game "may not operate on certain devices".

It's not known exactly when Final Fantasy IX will hit PCs or mobile devices, or whether the game will launch in Japanese only to begin with. When it does launch, it will leave just four Final Fantasy games from the main series (the original, II, X, and XII) without official PC ports.