Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela hinted last month that we could expect a new Windows 10 milestone in early January. That time has arrived and true to word, the Redmond-based company has revealed that Windows 10 is now active on more than 200 million devices around the world.

As Paul Thurrott explains, this is only the second time that Microsoft has provided official usage figures. Shortly after launch in late August, Microsoft revealed that its new OS was running on more than 75 million devices worldwide. We learned (albeit unofficially) in late September that Windows 10 had crossed the 100 million mark.

How did Microsoft manage to add 125 million additional users so quickly? By adding non-PC devices.

The 75 million figure consisted entirely of PCs, most of which were upgrades from earlier versions of Windows (a feat that's impressive in its own right as upgrading isn't usually a smooth process). Now, Windows 10 is on the Xbox One, a handful of new Lumia smartphones and even on some IoT devices.

What's really interesting is the fact that Windows 10 installations are apparently accelerating. Microsoft noted that more than 40 percent of the new Windows 10 devices became active following Black Friday. Perhaps even more telling is that 76 percent of Microsoft's enterprise customers are currently trialing Windows 10 (such customers are known to cling to older versions of software for reliability and compatibility sake).