YouTube wants to give you a piece of the Super Bowl commercial pie now. Waiting until February 7th, when Super Bowl 50 actually takes place, to watch commercials is for chumps. So YouTube announced on Wednesday that their AdBlitz video platform would start showing some commercials immediately.

Last year, Budweiser's "Lost Dog" commercial went live on YouTube early and got over 18 million views before Super Bowl 49 even started. And in more general terms, YouTube says that advertisers that put their ad on YouTube before the Super Bowl "receive an average of 2.2x more views than those that waited until game day to post an ad."

Going off that information, it would appear the strategy works, so that's why YouTube is pushing it more this year. For a commercial to be involved with AdBlitz, the company who made it has to be an official Super Bowl 50 advertiser, although later in the year that may change.

And in other YouTube/NFL news, there's a new original series named How to Win Game Day featuring some of "today's hottest" YouTubers that starts February 2. According to the official description, the series will "teach fans how to become legends off the field on that special Sunday through relevant tips spanning music, food, fashion, dance, etc." How can that not be at least a little interesting? I didn't even know I needed dance tips relevant to the Super Bowl.