If you've ever been to Las Vegas, you know that themed hotels aren't a new idea. Few, however, cater to their guests the way The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam does.

As you've likely gathered from the name, The Arcade Hotel is all about video games. Located in the De Pijp region of the city, the new hotel (it opened last weekend) features game consoles in every room, handheld consoles in the bar area and even a comic book library.

Early check-outs? Forget about it. The Arcade Hotel knows its clientele, allowing guests to check out as late as 1 p.m. which you'll probably want to take advantage of since you'll be gaming the night away.

Right now, the hotel offers just 36 rooms in single, double, twin, triple and groups of four (the hotel plans to add 10 additional rooms by the fall). Pricing starts at 75 Euro (just over $80) per night which isn't bad considering all the gaming gear is included.

The owner, Daniel Salmanovich, told VG24/7 that he is remodeling the hotel into a special place for people who love gaming. He added that he wanted to create a place where travelers and gamers feel like they are staying at a friend's home.

It's a neat concept but in all honesty, the Arcade Hotel seems more about the atmosphere and meeting like-minded people versus locking yourself away in your room for the weekend on a gaming binge (although I suppose that's also an option).