It was only a few years ago that 3D televisions were being hailed as "the next big thing," but it looks as if the technology is going the way of Betamax, LaserDiscs and HD-DVDs. 3D may still be quite popular in cinemas, but after reports emerged suggesting Samsung and LG are all but abandoning the technology in their future television sets, it look as if 3D TVs have had their day.

It's been reported by Korean site ET News that Samsung has not ordered any 3D glasses, which are normally bundled with its new 3D television, from its suppliers. The move suggests that the company won't be including 3D technology in any of its upcoming TVs.

"Even though we had been supplying 3D glasses until last year, there is no[t] any request for new supply this year." a representative of the supplier said, adding: "It is seen that Samsung Electronics is not going to apply 3D technology into its new TVs."

LG, meanwhile, has confirmed that it is phasing 3D functions out of its TV lineup; only its premium televisions released this year will be 3D-enabled, representing a fifty percent decrease in the number of 3D TVs the company produces.

"Although 40% of all TVs last year had 3D functions, only 20% of TVs this year will have 3D function," an LG spokesperson told ET News. The report suggests that the only reason LG hasn't followed Samsung in dropping 3D TV's altogether is because the FPR method it uses for the technology has a lower production cost than Samsung's system.

LG did acknowledge that there are those who still enjoy the home 3D experience. "Because there are still consumers who enjoy 3D movies and others, we are going to apply 3D function mainly on premium products."

Many television networks, including the BBC and Sky in the UK, are shuttering their dedicated 3D channels due to a lack of content and low subscriber numbers.

With the rise of television features such as 4K and HDR, along with the tech industry's massive push into virtual reality technology, it looks as if Samsung and LG could have put the final nail in the 3D TV coffin.