Home Theater As Samsung and LG abandon the technology, is this the end for 3D TVs?


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It was only a few years ago that 3D televisions were being hailed as “the next big thing,” but it looks as if the technology is going the way of Betamax, LaserDiscs and HD-DVDs. 3D may still be quite popular in cinemas, but after reports emerged suggesting Samsung and LG are all but abandoning the technology in their future television sets, it look as if 3D TVs have had their day.

It’s been reported by Korean site ET News that Samsung has not ordered any 3D glasses, which are normally bundled with its new 3D television, from its suppliers. The move suggests that the company won’t be including 3D technology in any of its upcoming TVs.

"Even though we had been supplying 3D glasses until last year, there is no[t] any request for new supply this year." a representative of the supplier said, adding: "It is seen that Samsung Electronics is not going to apply 3D technology into its new TVs."

LG, meanwhile, has confirmed that it is phasing 3D functions out of its TV lineup; only its premium televisions released this year will be 3D-enabled, representing a fifty percent decrease in the number of 3D TVs the company produces.

"Although 40% of all TVs last year had 3D functions, only 20% of TVs this year will have 3D function," an LG spokesperson told ET News. The report suggests that the only reason LG hasn’t followed Samsung in dropping 3D TV’s altogether is because the FPR method it uses for the technology has a lower production cost than Samsung’s system.

LG did acknowledge that there are those who still enjoy the home 3D experience. “Because there are still consumers who enjoy 3D movies and others, we are going to apply 3D function mainly on premium products."

Many television networks, including the BBC and Sky in the UK, are shuttering their dedicated 3D channels due to a lack of content and low subscriber numbers.

With the rise of television features such as 4K and HDR, along with the tech industry’s massive push into virtual reality technology, it looks as if Samsung and LG could have put the final nail in the 3D TV coffin.

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Maybe Marvel will quit forcing you to get the 3D version if you want Bluray and digital now.


The 3d effect never really happened anyway :/ first time they talked about 3d and showed how amazing it was, it was things that came out of the screen. but, the 3d we see in 90% of the 3d movies, are just deeper tv and not 3d effects out of the screen.


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I actually had an LG 3D monitor which I enjoyed - passive 3D is much easier on the eyes than active 3D. But I know quite a few people that did not like it and felt fatigue or eyes strain after just 10 minutes.
All in all, for me, it was a fun ride.
The VR tech, on the other hand, makes me dizzy - this, coupled with the cumbersome headset, are enough to keep me off the hype train.


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What's next, curved TVs? just a few minutes staring at those curved HDTVs at electronic store I can already feel the strain in my eyes.
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RIP gimmicky 3D.
Gimmicky is the wrong word because it did actually work. The problems though are more when you use it it impaired the actually quality of the image mainly due to the darkness it added. I am sure in a decade or so we will see its return with many of the current issues ironed out or improved.
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3D made it's first appearance back in the late 50's in theaters and it too was hailed as "the next great thing", only to die suddenly when people realized it wasn't being made a part of everyday television broadcasts (LONG before cable). This latest death is certainly not the last one, it will re-appear again in a few decades because we all want the next best thing ... no matter what it is. A review of history teaches us that there are not that many truly new innovations. Oh yes, there are some but they are few and far between; most are just improvements or variations on an older theme.

It often reminds me of a favorite quote my father used all the time; "A wise man learns from his mistakes, but the brilliant man learns from everybody elses" .....


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I remember in 2010, manufactures really wanted you to think 3D TV's were catching on. Here we are several years later, and guess what, they never caught on.


Thank goodness,now if they can just get rid of this smart TV crap.
so you dont use netflix, hbo, viaplay, spotify on your tv ? viaplay I can understand, but the others are very nice features of smart tv. no need for even chromcast with a smart tv.


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Gimmicky is the wrong word because it did actually work. The problems though are more to use it impaired the actually quality of the image mainly due to the darkness it added. I am sure in a decade or so we will see its return with many of the current issues ironed out or improved.
I quote dictionary.com, "an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal.".
I'm using it in that way rather than "a concealed, usually devious aspect or feature of something, as a plan or deal". Basically in my opinion 3D wasn't the "next big thing" but a scheme to sell more TVs. No where did I mean to infer that it didn't work.
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And really how is 3d gonna work for people who are blind in one eye or the other?
how does it work for them or does it??

Gopal Bhat

No,my PC is connected to my TV which makes it smarter than any TV.
+ I'm not interested in any of those.
I would gladly get rid of all the gimmicks to get better screen quality.
It adds value to the set yet costs relatively nothing to implement.
You want a better screen but I'm sure you want a better processor in it too which goes hand in hand with running all the smart software.
While I appreciate you have a PC hooked up to your TV (I do too), hardly anyone in the masses does and it is great to be able to natively use a bit of software without having to fumble about with a keyboard/mouse to get content on the screen.
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And really how is 3d gonna work for people who are blind in one eye or the other?
how does it work for them or does it??
That's like banning movies because some people suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

There is always a small percentage of the population that cannot use a new technology or have some issue with it.

It doesn't mean we ban it for everyone.

The simple answer is a 3d TV isn't for you if you have eye problems.

Don't buy it. just like you don't force someone to watch movies that suffers from photosensitive epilepsy.
That escalated... slowly...

First things first... Its an illusion of 3D...
The technology wasn't innovative.. The marketing departments did a good job here...
The technology has same basic design flaws. Its not compatible with everyone.
A slight error in your permanent vision... and.. boom... No 3D for you.
Everyone that is suffering from astigmatism, short vision etc, can't see the effect or have severe headaches after some minutes.
And guess what... no one has pilot vision.. the physiology of everyone is different.. and most people now have some issues with their eyes... So this tech is useless..
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Not happening quick enough in my opinion. After having high expectations of 3D in movie theaters and being disappointed almost every time except for "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," I will never see another movie in 3D.
Then in the next month Samsung will release a UHD player that supports 3D HD playback , its TVs will be 3D as usual but now (possibly) will not be coming with 3D glasses in the box, so you can now get even better ones separately if you want..... or its even possible (but less likely) they could ship with glasses free displays that they have been showing off for the last 3 years at CES.
This copy and paste story will quickly turn out like every other annual anti 3D article ... then it gets ignored until the next one comes along to see how many more hits they can get .

If you read the source article , the rep has no idea if 3D will be included or not because "he cannot comment on future products"..... duh

Remember there has been a article every year since 2011 saying 3D is dead, "stop falling for it" ..... it's 2016 now and getting more popular than ever , 2016 & 2017 will have even more 3D movies than 2015 did, movies like Star Wars , Mad Max and Jurassic Park have made 3D cool again to the average person.


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I love 3D (for gaming)
I still play GT5 in 3D and the awesome elite dangerous is simply stunning in 3D.
Films on the other hand, I find action scenes to be juddery, same in the cinema.
I'd rather watch a film in 2D with smooth video.