Microsoft has fed us a steady diet of Windows 10 updates since the operating system was releases last July. While updates are almost always a good thing, Microsoft hasn't exactly been forthcoming with regards to what the updates actually fix, a fact that has caused pushback from some users.

Based on this user feedback, Microsoft recently announced that it'll be providing more details about Windows 10 updates. Those details will be recorded publicly on the new Windows 10 update history site to serve as a historical record of prior release notes.

As it stands today, the update history page lists a brief description of changes for two updates: KB3135173 and KB3135174 (for Windows 10 version 1511 and the initial version released in July, respectively). Fortunately, there are also links to KB articles like this one that provide additional information.

More transparency is always welcomed but in reality, it'll have virtually no impact on the average Windows 10 user. Update history will, however, make it a bit easier for IT professionals and power users to track down the occasional faulty update or ones that cause incompatibilities with mission-critical or proprietary software.

That said, Microsoft still isn't detailing everything that's going on with updates, instead electing to list only some of the key improvements.