Seagate has today unveiled a new enterprise-class PCIe solid state drive that they claim is the fastest ever, and it's ready for production ahead of an expected launch later this summer.

The drive will be shown off at the Open Compute Project Summit this weekend, and it should pack immensely fast transfer speeds. Seagate hasn't gone into specifics on performance, but they do claim their latest PCIe 3.0 x16 unit is capable of 10 GB/s throughput. It's most likely that this refers to sequential performance, but nevertheless it's an impressive figure.

This NVMe drive is "more than 4GB/s faster than the previous fastest-industry SSD on the market", according to Seagate. The company says this drive is specifically designed for enterprise applications that demand ultra-fast storage, such as real-time data processing, weather modeling, statistical analysis, and high-speed cloud infrastructure.

A rendering of the 10 GB/s drive appears to show four M.2 SSDs connected to a single PCIe x16 expansion card, which would explain how Seagate has achieved such ludicrously fast speeds. It also has a heatsink, as these drives could get quite warm during continuous operation.

Seagate also revealed a second ultra-fast SSD that uses PCIe x8 to deliver throughput up to 6.7 GB/s, which they claim makes it the fastest eight-lane SSD on the market. It will be available this summer along with the 10 GB/s model, likely at prices suited to enterprise customers.