Even games like Grand Theft Auto V, with its expansive, open world and crazy antics, get stale over time. Fortunately, there's no shortage of third-party mods to spice up the action by introducing all sorts of new and interesting scenarios, items and gameplay tactics.

GTA V, however, is on another level entirely. The game has become so entertaining that you don't even need to play it (or watch others play via Twitch) to enjoy what it has to offer. Case in point is the San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam. Wait, what?

Created by Brent Watanabe, the GTA V mod consists of an invincible AI-controlled deer – created using the Script Hook V library – that roams the streets of San Andreas. That means all activity the deer partakes in is unscripted and often times, unexpected.

Watanabe notes on the cam's website that in the past 48 hours, the deer has caused a traffic jam on a major freeway, been caught in a gangland gun battle, been chased by the police and wandered along a moonlit beach.

The project is somewhat reminiscent of Twitch Plays Pokemon, the 2014 social experiment in which gamers attempted to play Pokemon via crowdsourced commands. What's different here, however, is that no human input is needed to control the deer; it just does what it wants.

As of writing, the livestream is offline but the computer that runs the mod should be back online today at 3 pm, PDT.