Grand Theft Auto V dropped for the PC just over a month and a half ago and as you likely already know, there’s no shortage of insanely awesome user-created mods already available. We’ve compiled some of the better ones here but by all means, if we missed something truly spectacular, please do link us in the comments section below.

Up first is the aptly named Tsunami Mod which fills much of the map with water. Cars and pedestrians do their best to cope but eh, what can you do? The mod also allows you to remove all of the water from the game, freeing up an entire new area of the map to explore without the risk of drowning.

GTA V is notorious for its poor wanted level system (no six-star level (except there is!)?). The Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement mod addresses this and is really less of a mod and more of a correction. It’s a complete reworking of the entire crime system in which stuff simply makes sense (silencers do their job, cops won’t hunt you down if there are no witnesses, etc.).

Frustrated that you can’t get to every area in the game? This mod takes care of that by opening up these “hidden areas,” many of which were purposely cut from the final game.

Need someone to watch your back? Try the bodyguard mod in which a crew of your choosing (even animals) will follow you around and (hopefully) keep you safe!

These mods hardly scratch the surface of what is already possible through user-created mods for the PC version of GTA V. Even the game itself is still littered with unsolved mysteries (what’s really going on with Mt. Chilidad?).

Disclaimer: malware is apparently a pretty big issue with GTA V mods so before you download anything, it would be in your best interest to vet each mod thoroughly.