LG on Friday published a minute-long commercial spot on YouTube for its new LG G5 smartphone. The wacky clip features actor Jason Statham using the phone's various accessories, dubbed Friends.

Those familiar with the phone and its accessories won't have much trouble processing the point of the clip but for the uninitiated, it's kind of a mess. The problem is that it doesn't really convey what the accessories are or what they do. In contrast, Samsung's recent spots featuring rapper Lil Wayne and actor Wesley Snipes do a much better job of getting their message across.

It's also a bit misleading as it illustrates that modules can be swapped without turning the phone off (granted, there is a small disclaimer at the beginning of the video stating the phone does indeed have to be powered down to swap modules).

LG said the commercial will be shown in key markets around the globe including North America, Latin America, Europe and East Asia starting today.

Oh, and if you are curious, the background music is a remix of the song "Ievan Polkka" from Loituma.

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