While Back to the Future 2 made some pretty accurate predictions about the technology of the future, such as VR, wearables, and video calls, we've never quite been able to create a hoverboard like the one from the movie.

There have already been a few good attempts to build what is essentially a flying skateboard - like the ArcaBoard from last year - and now another company has released a couple of videos showing its take on the device. But the footage looks so amazing, many people are claiming it's fake.

The Flyboard Air comes from Zapata Racing, the same company that makes the water- and jet ski-powered Flyboards. The video of the apparent prototype seems to show that the company has modified the Flyboard design and turned it into a personal aircraft that's more Green Goblin than Marty McFly.

The company claims the Air can fly for 10 minutes, reach a maximum height of 10,000 feet, and travel at speeds of up to 93 miles per hour. The design does look quite similar to Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandre Duru's Omni Hoverboard, shown below, which broke the Guinness World Record for longest distance travelled by a hoverboard in May 2015, when it flew a distance of 905ft at a height of 16ft in the air.

Zapata hasn't released many details about the Flyboard Air, other than its alleged capabilities, which is adding to the argument that the video is a fake - nothing more than a marketing campaign to promote the company's other products.

The way that founder and French jet ski champion Frank Zapata manages to stay so well-balanced on the device at that speed does appear to defy the laws of physics. But the firm insists the video is real and claims that Zapata wore no safety tether during the test.

As a way of offering more proof that the device is real, Zapata Racing released another clip (below) showing the Flyboard Air in action. This video isn't a professionally made one like the first, and it does look pretty genuine, but many are still skeptical that it's the real deal. What do you think?