Are you put off by this season's imposter (not to mention, dangerous) "hoverboards" yet still immensely interested in the actual concept? If so, ARCA Space Corporation will gladly take your money - all $20,000 of it - in exchange for a pre-order of its ArcaBoard.

Not to be confused with today's two-wheeled, self-balancing scooters that claim to be hoverboards, ArcaBoard appears to be the real deal. It's not pretty and far from what you'd call "small" but it does hover and that's all that matters, right?

Whereas the Lexus Slide prototype from earlier this year used magnets to generate lift, the ArcaBoard does so the old fashioned way: with lots of powerful fans (36, to be exact). The company claims its 180-pound electric flying machine produces 272 horsepower (that's more than a lot of vehicles) and 203,000 watts which can lift a person weighing up to 243 pounds.

Performance-wise, the ArcaBoard can fly up to a foot off the ground at speeds of up to 12.5 mph for a maximum of six minutes on a single charge.

Feeling a bit skeptical? You aren't the only one. Several publications are labeling the ArcaBoard as little more than vaporware. The video above does show some test flight footage although it looks as if the rider is having a pretty tough time keeping his balance. The $19,900 price tag also seems a bit much, but I digress.

We'll find out soon enough as ARCA says it plans to ship its hoverboard in April 2016.