Star Fox Zero lands on Nintendo's Wii U in less than 24 hours (it launched in Japan earlier today). While the jury may still be out regarding the game's controls, it's already receiving praise from reviewers for its strong environmental design, intricate scoring system, solid storyline and of course, the cheesy radio chatter from your wingmen.

As producer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed last month, the latest entry in Nintendo's popular 3D aerial shooter takes the story back to its roots. Not familiar with the franchise's humble, Super FX chip-based beginnings? Fret not, as Nintendo has published an animated short that'll get you up to speed.

The 14-minute short, starring protagonist Fox McCloud and wingmen Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi, is arguably more anime than animated short but I digress. For a glorified promotional piece, however, I must say that the production value is top-notch. Even those who aren't fans of the series will likely find the clip entertaining.

Star Fox Zero also includes a copy of Star Fox Guard, a standalone tower defense-style game set in the Star Fox universe.