Nintendo has put to rest rumors that Star Fox Zero, the first original release in the franchise since 2006, would be delayed for a second time. Instead, it'll be released on April 22.

Producer Shigeru Miyamoto told Time that Star Fox Zero takes the story back to its roots. It's not a Star Fox '4' or '5' and it's not a new spinoff; it really is going back to the roots, he added, which is where the 'Zero' comes from.

Miyamoto said Star Fox Zero will offer gameplay that feels very fresh, partially because the game is split between two screens and partially due to its use of teleporters. The developer said they designed the game in a way that users can play through the map the first time, get to the end and defeat the final planet. After that, the teleporters become very important from a gameplay and storyline standpoint which also boosts the game's replayability.

Other tidbits from the insightful interview include the fact that Miyamoto's broader goal with Star Fox Zero is to build interest in dogfighting games. He also said that it'll challenge both veteran gamers and newcomers alike. The team put a lot of work into perfecting the control system and finding the right balance of handling between the different types of vehicles that players will be piloting throughout the game.

Star Fox Zero will also include a copy of Star Fox Guard, the culmination of a separate game called Project Guard - a tower defense style game set in the Star Fox universe.