New images and information regarding The Witcher 3's second and final piece of DLC, Blood and Wine, have been revealed. As well as showing more screenshots of the Southern France-style area of Toussaint, CD Projekt Red has announced that a new faction will be added to everyone's favorite card battling mini-game, Gwent.

Damian Monnier, one of the studio's senior gameplay designers, announced during a PAX East panel that the number of Gwent decks will increase from four to five with the introduction of the Skellige set.

Four cards from the new deck were revealed during the panel. These included the mushroom card which can transform berserkers into bears, a Madman Lugos hero card, the Draken card, and the "golden cock," which Monnier said is based on a creature from Norse Mythology.

At one point during the Q&A session, a fan asked if CD Projekt Red would ever consider releasing Gwent as a standalone title for mobile devices - a seemingly perfect platform for the card game. The developer proceeded to ask the audience if they thought it was a good idea. The cheers of the crowd were recorded, and the video will now be shown to bosses at company HQ in Poland in the hope it will prove how successful Gwent for mobile would be.

More information about the upcoming $19.99 DLC will be released soon. CD Projekt Red has said Blood and Wine's area will "rival the size of those [areas] found in the base game," and the story will take around 20 hours to complete. Rumors suggest that it will be released on June 7.