After being delayed three times, people have a right to be angry at what’s been happening with the development of Mighty No.9, especially when you consider that over 67,000 backers donated nearly $4 million during its September 2013 Kickstarter campaign.

The game’s publisher, Deep Silver, was no doubt hoping that the latest trailer for the spiritual successor to Mega Man would placate impatient fans and donors. If only it hadn’t turned out to be one of the worst pieces of video game promotional material ever made.

When the narrator, who sounds like he’s going for a family-friendly version of Deadpool, asks “do you like awesome things that are awesome?” in the first five seconds, you know this is going to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Plenty of bone-curling cringeworthiness follows, including “I know you like that combo-on-combo action.” The narrator reaches his peak when he says players can “make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night."

While some parts of the game are actually quite impressive in the trailer, many have said that Mighty No. 9 doesn't look like a title with such a huge budget. The explosions, in particular, have received plenty of ridicule, with Polygon's Nick Robinson comparing them to a cheap pizza.

The most damning criticism has come from the chief executive of the game’s developer, Inti Creates. Takuya Aizu said: “What the hell was D*** *il*** thinking making a crappy PV like this?! Unforgivable.”

It seems Aizu blocked out the words 'Deep Silver' so the publisher wouldn’t find the tweet when searching for its name, though it’s pretty likely that the company will know about it now.

Fans of side-scrolling action games will be hoping this is all just a case of bad marketing, and that Mighty No.9 really will be "friggin cool and crazy addictive - like popping bubble wrap-addictive" when it’s released on June 21. If not, stick with Rayman Legends, which is brilliant.