Do you love the look of Apple's Mac Pro but can't stand the fact that it's a Mac (or that it's bloody expensive)? You're in luck as Cryorig has announced a new PC chassis that closely resembles Apple's unique case.

The cylindrical, brushed aluminum chassis in question is called the Ola. Cryorig says it will support a mini-ITX motherboard, 100-watt TDP Core i7 chips and a video card measuring up to 280mm in length. There's also room for a single 3.5-inch drive, up to two 2.5-inch drives and a SFX power supply.

As for the chassis itself, Cryorig tells us it'll feature modular front and back panels with multiple textured options to choose from. A single 140mm fan at the top pulls air up and out of the case and is aided by dual shark gill-like side air ducts that run along the length of the case. That's not a ton of active cooling and may be something to keep an eye on, especially during intense gaming sessions.

Cryorig says the Ola is still a work-in-progress which unfortunately means it won't be ready until the second quarter of next year. That said, the company plans to demo functioning units at Computex in addition to static models with brushed aluminum and wood veneer alternate panels. No word yet on how much Cryorig plans to charge for the Ola.

If you're not up to building your own PC, there's always MSI's Vortex PC.