A slew of information has already come out of E3, and in among news of Dishonored 2, Andromeda, and Titanfall 2 is the announcement that last year’s Fallout 4 will be released again in 2017, except this time it’s arriving on the HTC Vive as a virtual reality title.

Bethesda marketing chief Pete Hines revealed that the company was building a full VR version of the post-apocalyptic RPG for HTC’s headset. "If you thought that survival mode was an intense way to experience Fallout, you ain't seen nothing yet," he said

Hines said that Bethesda had been working in secret on virtual reality projects since VR gameplay of Doom 3 was shown off at E3 2012. Interestingly, John Carmack, one of the founders of id Software and co-creator of Doom, joined Oculus as CTO a year later, leading to Id Software and Bethesda parent company, ZeniMax Media, suing Oculus for allegedly "illegally misappropriating ZeniMax trade secrets relating to virtual reality technology.”

The lawsuit could be a big part of the reason why VR Fallout 4 is only coming to the Vive and not the Oculus Rift. There was no indication if it would be coming to the PlayStation VR, either.

Fallout 4 isn’t the only Bethesda game getting the VR treatment. The company will also be showing off some virtual reality gameplay from Doom at E3, which Hines said offers a “virtual tour of Hell” to “get a look at the very latest in graphics” from the Id Tech engine. There was no mention of whether Doom would also get a full VR game release.