While the limited edition, real-life Pip-Boy from Fallout 4 that was released last year proved incredibly popular, it was still just a shell that you plugged your smartphone into - often with some difficulty. But now, Bethesda has partnered with ThinkGeek to produce a new version that looks to be a massive improvement over its predecessor.

The Pip-Boy Delux Bluetooth Edition, which is also available in limited quantities, has "an integrated screen and its own on-board software and hardware." The major advantage this Pip-Boy has over the previous version is its ability to connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The Model 3000 Mk IV replica, the same kind that the player wears in the game, is still in the prototype stage, but ThinkGeek says the final version will be exactly the same as the one in the photos.

When connected to an external device, the two-pound Pip-Boy can place and receive calls, access contacts, receive text messages, show caller ID, and stream audio files. There's also a non-connected "cosplay mode" that displays the Status, Special, and Perks screens from the game. It can also be used as an alarm clock when not connected to an external device.

Sadly, the Pip-Boy doesn't interface with Fallout 4 in any way, so there's no controlling game actions with it. But "most" of the dials, buttons and knobs work, and the top compartment even stores a holotape that's actually a USB drive.

On top of all that, there are stereo speakers in both the Pip-Boy and its charging stand. At $349.99 it's not cheap, but there will only be 5000 available for sale, so expect them to sell out quickly.

More details such as drive capacity, battery life, and screen resolution will be revealed at a later date. The Pip-Boy Delux Bluetooth Edition is available to pre-order now and will release in November.