This week was a big one for gamers. The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo kicked off in Los Angeles, accompanied by a ton of news about upcoming games for PCs, consoles and even virtual reality systems. While many of the games detailed at E3 has been announced prior to the show -- such as Watch Dogs 2 and Battlefield 1 -- there was still a lot to get excited about.

Fallout 4 in virtual reality seems awesome for those that early adopted a headset, basically every Xbox One game is coming to PC, and Sony's impressive keynote was packed with compelling games. But what game took your fancy the most this year? Or did you find the show's announcements to be a disappointment? Let us know by voting in the poll below and in the comments should you want to add other titles or list in priority order the most prominent game releases you are looking out for. Hopefully we're in for a big year in gaming ahead.