Call of Duty's next game is drawing criticism for its continued push into the sci-fi realm. EA and developer Dice, meanwhile, are taking things back to World War I with the next installment in the popular Battlefield franchise.

The game, officially titled Battlefield 1, goes back to the true dawn of all-out warfare, says lead designer Daniel Berlin. Earlier rumors suggested the game might be set in an alternate reality version of WWI but as Engadget notes, the game seems reasonably faithful to historic events.

As you'll see in the trailer above, a variety of combat styles and weapons are on display including planes, tanks, horseback battles, blimps, hand-to-hand combat and more. There's only a small sample of actual in-game footage but what we do see certainly looks impressive.

It comes as little surprise that multiplayer is the main attraction. After all, the single-player campaign wasn't even mentioned until 45 minutes into the hour-long presentation, the publication recounts.

This time around, Dice said it wanted to encourage teamwork rather than the typical lone wolf strategy many adopt. Berlin said it's important to feel like you're a critical asset to your team but also that your team is an asset to you.

Battlefield 1 arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 21, a full two weeks before Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare drops. Those who need no further convincing can pre-order the standard edition for $59.99, the deluxe edition for $79.99 or the exculsive collector's edition for a whopping $219.99 on Amazon.