South Korean electronics giant LG is now selling a television that lists mosquito repellent as one of its features. If you're scratching your head as I initially was, keep reading as it actually makes a lot of sense given the context.

The set in question, model 32LH520D, features what LG calls Mosquito Away Technology - ultrasonic sound waves that drive away pesky mosquitos capable of spreading diseases such as malaria, dengue and the Zika virus. The feature has reportedly been certified as effective by an independent laboratory, the company says.

The sound waves are inaudible to humans and LG says the feature even works when the set isn't powered on.

LG says the TV is designed and made in India and targeted at lower-income consumers in the region that may live in or near conditions that make them vulnerable to mosquitos. It's being offered in two models with pricing set at 26,500 rupees and 47,500 rupees ($394 and $706).

LG has used the technology in other consumer appliances as well including air conditioners and washing machines.

Reuters says the sets will go on sale next month in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Unfortunately, there aren't yet any plans to sell it in other markets. That's a shame really because, if effective, I could see this being a great option for use outdoors like when tailgating or in a covered patio / garage, especially in the south where mosquitos are a huge problem during warmer months.