Microsoft at E3 2016 confirmed the existence of a second, more powerful version of the Xbox One. Project Scorpio, as it's currently being called, will co-exist alongside both the original Xbox One and the new slim model, the Xbox One S.

Even before becoming official, discussion arose regarding the potential hassle of developers having to support two different spec'd consoles. Those concerns only became more vocal after Microsoft confirmed the console was indeed in the pipeline.

Dave McCarthy, Xbox head of operations, recently addressed the matter in an interview with GameSpot.

McCarthy said that listening to developer feedback on the Xbox One influenced their approach on the Xbox One S and has also influenced their approach to Project Scorpio overall. That said, McCarthy said they really do intent it to be a seamless experience going across the ecosystem of devices - including Windows 10 - as much as possible.

The executive also suggested that Scorpio-only games may be a possibility, saying developers will always want to write to specific capabilities and devices. Giving devs some choice in what they choose to leverage as they do that, he said, is key to Microsoft's whole philosophy moving forward. Devs have responded well to it as they've shared the plans with them, he concluded.

PlayStation President Andrew House addressed the same issue earlier this month with Neo, the next version of Sony's PlayStation 4. House said there won't be any exclusive titles for the Neo and that adding support for Neo will require some "small but manageable" extra work from developers.

Lead image courtesy Bloomberg / Getty Images