Best Buy is already involved with in-home work courtesy of its Geek Squad and Magnolia subsidiaries. Those services, however, are only applicable when something is broken or if you need help setting up a new home theater system, respectively.

But what if everything you currently own works just fine but you're interested in a potential upgrade? Now, Best Buy can help with that as well.

The electronics retailer is currently piloting a free in-home consultation service in which its staff will offer advice regarding particular tech goals you may be interested in. Looking for the best way to jump into home automation, want to know more about high-efficiency smart appliances or have you always wanted to put together a multi-room audio system? These are the sort of things the service specializes in.

Available in the Atlanta, San Antonio and Austin areas, the consultation comes with no strings attached. Sure, the company will likely direct you to its stores to purchase specific gear but you're under no obligation to buy anything at any time. If you simply want to get an idea of what's new with in-home tech, you can do just that.

Should you decide to move forward with a proposed plan, Best Buy can also assist with delivery and professional installation (if you're willing to pay for it).

It's unclear at this time whether or not Best Buy will expand the service to other markets; that decision will likely depend on whether or not it's able to secure enough in sales to offset the cost of sending a consultant to your home.

Lead image courtesy David Paul Morris, Getty Images