Doppler Labs has quickly made a name for itself in the augmented reality earbuds space (what, didn't know that was a thing?).

Launching its first product in late 2014, a mechanical set of earbuds called Dubs, the startup led by Noah Kraft and Fritz Lanman followed up with its sophomore offering, the Here Active Listening System, a year later.

The latter, initially funded on Kickstarter, was a real step forward in the budding (no pun intended) space as it allowed users to tune out certain sounds - like a crying baby or the sound of clanking silverware in a busy restaurant - without reducing the volume of everything else around you.

Now, the company is ready for its first mass-market launch with a brand new product called the Here One.

The Here One takes Doppler Labs' existing sound filtering technology and adds some important new components that really enhance the overall experience. Like the Here Active Listening System, the Here One can also tune out elements of the real world while keeping others.

Right out of the box, however, you'll see the difference. When you first get started with Here One, you'll get to tune the buds to your own hearing level versus the one-size-fits-all approach with the previous generation. Another major improvement is the ability to stream music from your smartphone and even interact with its virtual digital assistant via Bluetooth.

As The Verge notes, the Here One is much more advanced than the previous generation model as there are multiple multi-core processors embedded in each earbud in addition to multiple microphones and more powerful batteries. That said, battery life hasn't improved as you can still expect just three to four hours of use on a full charge (with more going on, there's more power demand from the batteries).

Doppler Labs is accepting pre-orders for the Here One system today priced at $299. Look for them to ship this November.