Tesla is in active discussions with a major gas station and convenience store chain with regard to expanding its nationwide network of Supercharger battery recharging stations.

Michael Lorenz, executive vice president of petroleum supply for Sheetz, told The Washington Post in an interview that they have had discussions with Tesla about putting their chargers in their stores. They haven't done anything yet, Lorenz added, but said they're continuing discussions.

A spokesperson for Tesla told the publication that they are actively courting gas stations, hotels and restaurants in a bid to install their high-speed electric chargers across the country but declined to comment specifically on discussions with Lorenz's company.

Sheetz isn't a name that you're likely to be familiar with but they're quite successful, operating hundreds of retail gas stations across six states in the mid-Atlantic region. The company does nearly $7 billion in business each year, the Post said, adding that it already has eight locations equipped with charging stations for non-Tesla EVs across Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Tesla may be wise to hammer out deals as we're still in the early days of electric vehicle penetration. Adoption has been slow to date, partially due to the fact that electric cars typically cost more than their combustion engine counterparts. Within six years, however, Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that electric cars will be as affordable as traditional gasoline-powered vehicles and by 2040, a third of all new vehicle sales could be of the EV variety.

Image courtesy SteeringNews