Drool co-founder Marc Flury has revealed that Thumper, a music-inspired “rhythm violence game,” will serve as a PlayStation VR launch title later this year.

As Flury explains on the PlayStation blog, Thumper will include nine levels playable in both 2D and fully immersive virtual reality. Over the past few months, the development team has made multiple enhancements to take full advantage of PS VR including tuning movement speed, visual effects and the overall scale of the game world.

Considering it’s deeply rooted in music, it should come as little surprise that audio is an essential part of the game. Most rhythm games take pre-composed songs and try to fit the gameplay around them but with Thumper, they first developed the mechanics and levels which co-creator Brian Gibson then used to create an integrated sound experience.

In a neat twist, those that purchase the Collector’s Edition will receive the game’s soundtrack on vinyl courtesy of iam8it in addition to a game code for PS4 or Steam and a digital copy of the soundtrack. That’s the same company that produced vinyl records for Journey and Hotline Miami 2 Collector’s Edition.

Thumper will arrive in the PlayStation Store as a digital download on October 13 priced at $19.99. The Collector’s Edition through iam8bit will set you back $45.