Google has finally launched a feature that allows users to share their purchased apps, games, TV shows, moves, and books with other users. Known as the Google Play Family Library, the feature rivals Apple's two-year-old Family Sharing plan for iTunes apps and media.

After details were revealed several weeks ago, the Family Library rollout has now begun in the United States. The feature will also be coming to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and Japan shortly.

The way the Google Play Family Library works is simple. The main account holder designates up to another five accounts to join their family group, all of whom can access every Google Play purchase made by any account across any device. The Family Library is free to set up and use, unlike the similar family plan for Google Play Music, which costs $14.99 per month.

Every user that has access to the Family Library can make purchases using the main account holder's credit card, although individuals can also pay using their own cards. For families with children, there are sharing controls that can disable shared access to certain apps or media if needed.

Sharing movies, TV shows and books is one of the biggest benefits to the Family Library, as this content can be accessed on a wide range of devices. There are no restrictions to where shared content can be played, so users who are part of a Family Library can still watch movies in their browser, on iOS devices, or on ChromeOS.

To start your Family Library, you can head to this link, although currently it's only available to those in the United States.