With NFL preseason football scheduled to get started this weekend (unless you count last Sunday's Hall of Fame game between the Packers and Colts), fans across the country are gearing up for yet another year of football.

Now thanks to Sling TV, you've got another option when it comes to how you consume NFL games each week.

On Wednesday, Sling TV added the NFL Network and NFL RedZone to its growing roster of available channels. The NFL Network joins the Sling Blue core service priced at $25 per month. NFL RedZone, meanwhile, is being added to Sling Blue's Sports Extra add-on pack which sells for an addition $5 each month on top of the 30+ channel base package.

For millions, sports are the only reason to maintain a relationship with a cable or satellite provider. Now that options exist to watch most sports online via legal means, it's more enticing now than ever before to cut the cord and put some extra money back in your pocket each month.

If you're like me, football season is one of the high points of the year. Waking up early on a cool, crisp autumn morning and spending the day lounging on the couch leading up to the game involving your team - or best yet, taking in the action live at the stadium - evokes a high that no drug can match (my preference is college football but to diehard fans, it's all the same).