Spotify, often considered the world's preeminent streaming music provider, has rolled out a new gaming portal that makes it easy to find the soundtracks to some of your favorite games.

As you know, great games are almost always accompanied by an outstanding soundtrack, many of which can stand on their own away from the game.

Spotify has a pretty solid offering with way more newer titles than older classics. As a lover of older games, I was a bit disappointed to find that virtually every legacy title I searched for - Super Metroid, Resident Evil, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong Country (specifically the Aquatic Ambience theme), any of the Super Mario Bros. games - were nowhere to be found.

It wasn't a total bust, however, as I did find content from Mega Man and Max Payne. Plus, I've already found a few new tracks to add to my growing music playlist.

Spotify has taken it upon itself to create and host its own curated playlists as well as those from special guests including StarCraft personality Day[9] and filmmakers Sneaky Zebra. There are even guest lists from staffers at Engadget and Polygon - very cool.

What are some of your favorite gaming soundtracks? Are there any tunes that immediately set your mind at ease? For me, it's the classics as they hold a special place in my heart and take me back to a great time in my life. Let us know your favorites in the comments section below!