Allison Road, the spiritual successor to the Silent Hills playable teaser P.T., met the same fate as the game it was to be based on this past June (its Kickstarter campaign, if you recall, was called off last October when its developer joined Team17). Most assumed that would be the last we'd ever hear of the horror game but fate has proven us wrong.

The man behind the game, Chris Kesler, said in a recent post on Facebook that after taking some time off from the project, he started making a few minor changes to the story and before he knew it, the project had organically picked up steam.

It's unclear what happened with the Team17 partnership but now, Kesler is working on the game alongside his wife (who is also his business partner) under a new label called Far From Home.

Kesler added on Facebook that he aims to post more updates than in the past. Perhaps more importantly, he also plans to give himself as much time as needed to make the game exactly the way it is supposed to be. Getting the game out there just for the sake of making some money isn't his motivation.

That said, there's no release date in sight for Allison Road but at least it's back on.