The results are in for the first international beauty contest to be judged by an artificial intelligence. Over 600,000 people submitted selfies via an app that were evaluated by a "robot jury," with five male and five female winners selected from the five age categories.

Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but the five algorithms used in the Beauty.AI 2.0 contest rate people on different facial elements: the number of wrinkles in relation to their age group, pimples and pigmentation, similarities to models and actors within the same age and ethnic group, facial symmetry, and the difference between perceived age and actual age.

So, other than teaching robots what many people consider attractive, what are the team of biogerontologists and data scientists hoping to achieve with the experiment?

"This contest will help build impartial feature-specific and general robots that will help us understand our faces. But my personal dream is to have this contest extended into anti-aging and general healthcare space," Nastya Georgievskaya, robot tutor at Youth Laboratories, told TechCrunch.

Not everyone has agreed with the AI's choice of winners, with one contestant complaining: "What is your 'robot' worth??? One walk through a shopping-mall and I will discover more attractive people vs. that ones 'won' your Beauty Contest."(sic)

Alex Zhavoronkov,'s chief science officer, said: "I wouldn't agree with some of the robot judges, but in general it turned out to be good."

Business Insider reports that RYNKL, the algorithm used to detect wrinkles, can be downloaded as a standalone app and has been licensed to some plastic surgery providers.

There are already plans for a new 3.0 contest later this year that will add some new beauty-detecting algorithms. If you're thinking of sending in a photo, just remember: no beards, hats, make-up, or glasses.

Here's a list of all the winners.