With the ink from the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics still drying in the history books, all eyes are focused on the Tokyo Games that'll be held in 2020 - an event in which preparations are well underway for.

At the Rio Games, Japan reportedly shot and broadcast some of the events in 8K (Super Hi-Vision) as well as virtual reality as a pilot ahead of its own Games.

Anyone that keeps up with technology knows this is an ambitious goal as 4K televisions are just now reaching mainstream affordability. As of today, you can count the number of 8K systems for sale on one hand and you'll need well over $100K to bring one home which is something that those in Japan want to change by 2020.

A new report from Nikkei claims that Panasonic, Sony and others will be partnering with broadcaster NHK to develop the technology needed to broadcast and watch 8K content. Specifically, NHK will work on creating the required data compression and sound technology as well as related standards while the set makers will focus on things like image processors and splitting the cost of hardware development.

While ambitious, one has to wonder whether or not the Japanese are getting a bit ahead of themselves. Advancements in television and broadcast have traditionally come at a snail's pace. Heck, there are even some people still using CRT sets while on the flip side, 4K content is still incredibly rare. I'm all for innovation but planning to hop past 4K so quickly just doesn't seem plausible.