The Games of the XXXI Olympiad officially wrapped up in Rio last night. As is customary during the closing ceremony, this year's host site handed the Games off to the next host in grand fashion which just so happens to be Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

With the world watching, Japan made the most of the opportunity and recruited a few familiar faces to lend a hand.

A promotional video that played during the ceremony was filled to the brim with Japanese culture, showcasing some of the country's top athletes and sports. It didn't end there as pop culture icons including Pac-Man, Hello Kitty and Doraemon were also featured prominently in the video. What really got the crowd going, however, was an appearance by everyone's favorite plumber.

Mid-way through the clip, we see Shinzo Abe, Japan's Prime Minister, traveling in a car with a caption stating that he won't make it to Rio in time for the ceremony. Shortly after, he transforms in Mario, finds a warp pipe that leads directly to Rio and hops in.

In Rio, Abe appears out of a massive pipe dressed as Mario, ready to accept the Games. It was brilliant.

Japan has been heavily involved in the Rio Games, testing the equipment it will need to broadcast its Games in 8K (7,680 x 4,320), never mind the fact that widespread 4K broadcasts have yet to arrive.

The opening ceremony for the 2020 Summer Olympics takes place on July 24, and will wrap up on August 9.

Thumbnail courtesy Stoyan Nenov, Reuters