The Battlefield 1 open beta doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but some Battlefield Insider members can start playing today – if you signed up for the free program by August 21 you should receive a code for the beta in your inbox today. The open beta will be available to users on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so to get the proper code you must choose your platform in the Battlefield Insider website if you haven't already.

The download is around 7.10GB on PC and includes the Sinai Desert map, which features horseback combat, planes, tanks and the armored train "behemoth" vehicle. There are two modes in the beta, Conquest and Rush, and if you reach rank 15 and play on at least four different days, you will unlock a "Battlefield 1 Beta Dog Tag" which will be delivered to your account when the game launches on October 21.

Battlefield 1 takes players all the way back to the First World War and will see the return of the standard Assault and Support classes, along with the new Medic, Scout, Pilot and Tank classes. Matches can support up to 64 players.

Those with Nvidia graphics cards can download the latest GeForce 372.70 drivers, which are tuned for the Battlefield 1 beta, as well as World of Warcraft: Legion, and the Steam release of Quantum Break. The update also enables Nvidia's Fast Sync feature for Maxwell graphics cards and includes a fix for the DPC latency issue plaguing some Pascal graphics cards in multi-GPU setups. Head to our drivers section to get them.