Nintendo has done an admirable job of keeping details of its upcoming NX console under wraps but every now and again, something is bound to slip out.

Two separate sources have told Lets Play Video Games' Laura Dale that current NX development kits are region-free, meaning they can run software from any region. What's more, those currently developing titles for the NX haven't heard anything about plans to region-lock the console before launch.

Making the NX region-free would be a huge boon to hardcore gamers, especially those that are into international games that often don't make their way out of local markets.

As you've likely heard by now, the NX will be a hybrid console with removable controllers. The post digs a bit deeper into this as sources claim current dev kits are slightly thicker than a Nintendo 3DS XL when folded.

All things considered, current NX kits are said to measure 25mm thick, 281mm wide and 92mm tall (with the controllers attached). Each controller has the same depth and height while measuring 38mm wide, we're told.

A source also provided the site with a basic diagram of what the system looks like, complete with controllers, SD card slot and headphone jack placement. We even get to see how the controllers will reportedly connect to the main console (via a simple clip-style system, it seems).

It's worth pointing out that, even though the information loosely jives with what we've heard before regarding the NX's design, this is still very much rumor territory. Nintendo isn't expected to unveil its new console until March of next year.