Euclideon, the small Australian company that gained widespread notoriety in 2010 for its "unlimited detail" approach to computer graphics, has been nothing if not controversial from the get-go. Following its initial announcement, the company went silent for well over a year before resurfacing with a new tech demo which several industry veterans including Markus "Notch" Persson and John Carmack said was total BS.

Fast-forward to 2014 where Euclideon appeared once again with yet another impressive demo for a technology called Solidscan. This video was a bit different as Euclideon CEO Bruce Dell pitched the technology to those outside of the gaming industry while simultaneously claiming that several of the world's largest companies were already using it (yet he neglected to serve up a single example).

It's now late 2016 and surprise, Euclideon has popped up once again. It's new pitch? Holograms.

In the company's latest video, Euclideon's chief acknowledges the fact that most people think his company is a big scam but doesn't seem deterred one bit. Instead, he outlines how the company's technology is being used to create realistic holograms.

In typical Euclideon fashion, they're still a bit secretive about what exactly is going on with their various technologies and when / if we'll ever see them utilized in the mainstream gaming market.

As HardOCP notes, they've even opened an entertainment center in Australia with 40 rooms in which people can play games, explore other countries, fly through the sky and more using Euclideon's Holoverse technology. Speaking of, Hard has published an interview with Dell that's certainly worth a look.