Ubisoft's generosity continues in September with yet another game available to download and keep free of charge. Unlike earlier games in the promotion, this month's freebie is a relatively new title.

Now through mid-October, you can score racing game The Crew courtesy of Ubisoft. To get it, you'll first need to download and install Ubisoft's digital distribution platform, Uplay (assuming you don't already have it installed).

The Crew, from Ubisoft Reflections and Ivory Tower, made its debut in December 2014 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (it was also ported to the Xbox 360). It's described as an online racing game with an open and persistent world in which players can race and free-roam. Although I haven't played it (a bit ironic since racing games are my genre of choice), it sounds similar to the concept behind Forza Horizon.

If you've been keeping tabs, you'll know that this freebie is part of a larger promotion that kicked off in June to celebrate Ubisoft's 30th anniversary. Each month, Ubisoft has made a different game available to download and keep to anyone that wants it.

The first game in the promotion was Prince of Persia: Sands of Time followed by Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell in July and Rayman Origins in August.