Renowned German camera maker Leica on Thursday announced its first instant film camera, the Sofort.

Named after the German word for “immediately,” the Sofort utilizes Fujifilm’s Instax Mini film (or Leica’s own branded film, if you choose) and features an optical viewfinder, front-facing flash and multiple shooting modes including people, macro, sports / action, double exposure and of course, automatic.

There’s also a self-timer if you want to jump into a group picture and of course, a selfie mode (there’s even a tiny mirror on the front of the camera to help frame your selfie).

For those not familiar, a modern instant camera is much like the old Polaroid cameras in that whatever you shoot gets printed out immediately. In this case, printed images measure 3.4 inches x 2.13 inches (roughly the size of a standard credit card).

In this day and age of digital cameras and Instagram, this clearly falls into the novelty / retro category which can be loads of fun given the right situation.

The Leica Sofort goes on sale in November priced at $299 in your choice of white, orange or mint green color schemes. If that’s a bit more than you’re interesting in spending, Fujifilm will sell you one of its Instax Mini cameras starting at around $50 or you can try Polaroid’s Snap instant camera for under $100.