Despite the controversial removal of the headphone jack and the fact it's not a huge upgrade over the iPhone 6S Plus, the new iPhone 7 has received mostly positive reviews. But like most high-end smartphones, the device don't come cheap. In China, however, one son of a billionaire has bought eight brand new iPhone 7s; not for himself, but for his pet dog, Coco.

Wang Sicong's father - billionaire property magnate Wang Jianlin - is worth around $30 billion, which probably explains how he was able to buy the Alaskan Malamute eight of Apple's handsets, though it's not totally clear why he thought the dog would appreciate them - she looks like more of a Samsung fan.

While iPhone 7s are pricey in the US, they're even more expensive in China. A 256GB model goes for 7988 yuan, which works out at about $1197. It's not clear from the pictures exactly which models he bought, but the total cost could have amounted to $9576.

On Coco's verified Weibo account, the caption under the photos reads: "I don't understand all the show-off posts on (social media) What's the point? Don't make me do it?"

Not surprisingly, this isn't the first instance of Wang buying Coco a piece of expensive tech that the dog will likely end up chewing and burying in the yard. In 2015, her 1.9 million followers got to see her two rose gold Apple Watches, said to be worth $12,000 each.

Wang's ostentatious displays of wealth aren't going down well in China. CNN reports that official news agency Xinhua accused him of having "stained the purity of the Chinese (people)," and warned others not to imitate his "arrogant and coarse celebrity."

He got into more trouble after saying the only thing he looked for in potential partners was their breast size. Wang's father blamed his son's preference for "buxom" girlfriends on his overseas "Western schooling."