Microsoft Paint, the rudimentary graphics application that made its debut in the first version of Windows more than 30 years ago, may actually be useful in the near future. That's because Microsoft is currently working on a modern version of the iconic app for Windows 10.

An early test build of the upcoming software, designed as a Universal Windows app that's pen- and touch-friendly, leaked online over the weekend for anyone to download.

The Verge's Tom Warren took the early app for a spin and offers a first-hand account of what to expect.

The app, which looks to have been distributed to Microsoft testers in May, is surprisingly speedy, Warren notes. He adds that it's now much easier to use the app with your fingers but unfortunately, it doesn't appear to include layering support which will no doubt limit its usefulness. The app also doesn't have many helpful shortcuts like you'd find in Photoshop nor does it allow for multiple files to be open simultaneously.

Then again, given its early alpha status, it's entirely plausible that Microsoft may have added in some missing features since May. If not, then it's safe to assume that Paint will continue to be little more than a basic editing tool.

No word yet on when Microsoft plans to unveil the new Paint app. Considering the Redmond-based company has a big press event planned for October 26, however, this seems like as solid a date as any to showcase an app like Paint to complement new Surface All-in-One hardware.