Rumors circling around were accurate: Microsoft's Windows 10 and Surface event is taking place October 26. Expect to see the Surface keyboard and mouse to be unveiled, along with at least one all-in-one Surface-branded PC. There will also be plenty of announcements relating to Windows 10 and Xbox. Microsoft may not refresh its Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book devices at this event however.

Rumors of an all-in-one Surface computer have been circling for a while after evidence appeared suggesting that Microsoft would reveal Surface-branded PC accessories and an AIO PC soon - at the hardware event we've now have confirmed will take place later this month.

A filing from Microsoft on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group site for a "Surface Ergonomic Keyboard" indicated the peripheral was on its way. Another filing appeared earlier this week, this one from the FCC (spotted by Windows Central), showing a Surface-branded Bluetooth keyboard that resembles an updated Designer Bluetooth Desktop kit, featuring the same low profile and chiclet keys.

The FCC filing also shows a surface-branded mouse that, other than being a different color, appears identical to the Designer mouse. Ars Technica notes that both keyboard and mouse are in the same gray as the magnesium alloy of the Surface Book. They both use Bluetooth 4 Low Energy, with the mouse able to last 12 months on its two AAA batteries.

There's still no images of the elusive all-in-one surface device, but the keyboard and mouse appear to be accessories designed for the device. Patents uncovered back in August suggest the AIO will use a modular design that can be expanded with components (memory, RAM, storage, GPU, etc.) by adding extra levels that are held together via magnets or slots or a combination of the two.

Microsoft hasn't unveiled any major new hardware this year, so it's likely prepping for some big announcements at the hardware event.