Accidentally destroying something while browsing in a store can be a nightmare. Not only is it embarrassing for the customer, but most places will charge for the breakages. So imagine how you'd feel if you knocked over four brand new televisions worth over $6000.

The incident took place at the HBH Woolacotts store in St Austell, which is in Cornwall, UK. It was caught on CCTV and posted on the store's Twitter account.

The video shows the customer walking over to the four TVs on display, before kneeling down to have a closer look at one. It's not clear exactly how he did it, but the hapless shopper manages to push over the curved television.

Like the world's most expensive dominoes, the TV falls backward and knocks over the one behind it. If things had ended at this point, the damage could have been limited to a couple of thousand dollars. But no. Horrified and no doubt wishing he'd looked with his eyes and not his hands, our hero reels back in shock, only to knock over yet another expensive TV. Again, it tips backward and drags another set down with it.

The store's assistant manager, Mike Collins, said: "Staff were devastated when it happened - I had been on a day off but came back and watched the footage. My manager just said 'you will never guess what has happened'. I was very shocked."

Collins said there was £5000 (around $6100) worth of damage done to the smart TVs, which included a curved Samsung OLED TV and two Panasonic models. He wouldn't say if the customer had been billed.

As is always the case when this sort of thing appears online, there have been questions over whether the incident was faked. The way the televisions have been placed does look very suspicious, and just what was the guy doing that caused the TV to fall backward?

Credit: HBH Woolacotts