While it still isn't perfect, Valve's tiny Steam Link is regarded as one of the best products for streaming PC games over a wired or wireless network, able to pipe your favorite titles to a big screen living room television. Now, it's been revealed the process is about to become even easier, as Samsung will soon be integrating the hardware into some of its TVs.

Steam Spy revealed that Valve and Samsung announced the move during a Steam Dev Days presentation earlier this week.

The Steam Link box is about the size of a deck of cards, and your only outlay is $50 plus the price of an HDMI cable (and a strong home network), so forking out for a pricey new television for the same experience may seem unnecessary. But it's one of those features that could appeal to any PC gamers in the market for a new TV who would like to try the Steam Link.

It's not clear if all the functions of the Steam Link box will be integrated into Samsung's future TVs, such as the ability to connect non-Steam Controllers via USB. If not, then you'll likely have to buy one of Valve's official controllers as well.

The only problem people seem to have with the Steam Link is that the performance isn't always of the highest quality. Depending on the setup, it can struggle to reach high frame rates, especially when using only Wi-Fi. But this will probably be improved by the time it arrives on Samsung's TVs.