Gameplay footage from a very early build of a long since cancelled video game involving heavy metal band Metallica has found its way to the Internet.

As the story goes, the now-defunct Black Rock Studio was working on a Metallica-inspired post-apocalyptic driving game (think Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8 and so on). Unfortunately, the only thing the public ever saw of the project was a brief teaser included with Metallica's St. Anger album from 2003 and some artwork that surfaced in 2011.

Over the weekend, YouTube user PtoPOnline managed to publish some very early footage of the game that was once destined for the PlayStation 2.

Unlike other games in this genre, the Metallica game - which likely would have been called Damage Inc. or some similar variant - allowed users to exit their vehicle and hijack others (think Grand Theft Auto). Such functionality would have added a whole new dimension to the typical driving games of the era.

As it turns out, licensing issues may have sidetracked the project which was ultimately shelved in late 2004 or so according to the clip.

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