American electric automaker Fisker Inc. (not to be confused with Karma Automotive, the company whose assets were purchased by Chinese auto parts specialist Wanxiang Group in early 2014) on Monday unveiled details regarding its upcoming all-electric luxury sedan.

Fisker says the EMotion will be able to achieve a top speed of 161 mph and a 400-mile electric range. A newly developed electric powertrain will allow the company to push the vehicle’s interior compartment forward and increase the wheelbase to provide ample interior space and legroom.

Comfort will be a priority and all seats will have access to displays and infotainment features.

Elsewhere, the EMotion will employ a new battery technology using graphene. Fisker Nanotech, a joint venture between Fisker Inc. and Nanotech Energy Inc., will produce the vehicle’s battery packs. A composite, carbon fiber and aluminum structure should result in a rigid yet lightweight frame.

Like rival Tesla, Fisker says the EMotion will come equipped with the necessary hardware to allow for fully autonomous driving. Said equipment will come from a soon-to-be-announced supplier, we’re told.

For now, all we have to go on are the renders seen here. Fisker says the EMotion will be produced in an existing facility in the US and that initial deliveries will be announced once the vehicle has been shown for the first time in mid-2017.