Black Friday has begun, which means we're seeing prices lowered on everything from PCs and game consoles to even miniature robot vacuum cleaners. The team at StackCommerce has scoured the web for the best Black Friday Deals, and compiled them in one place. These prices are among the lowest for the featured products we've seen by far – check them out below.

1. 55-inch Samsung 4K LED HDTV and $150 Dell Gift Card - Now $599.99 (Orig. $1,199.99)

Update: Looks like the TV deal is over on the Dell store, but and Walmart still have it for the discounted $599.99.

This is the Black Friday TV deal to beat for 2016: you'll save $600 off the retail price, and the bonus $150 gift card makes the deal even sweeter. If you use the entirety of the gift card on a future purchase, you're effectively only paying $450 for a 2016 model with the most important features: a 4K resolution and HDR support. Most of the other rock-bottom low-end models you'll see during Black Friday aren't worth your money --- grab this affordable mid-range Samsung instead. Note: gift card shows in cart.

2. Dell Inspiron 3650 Intel Core i7-6700 Quad-Core Desktop - Now $599 (Orig. $949)

This is one of the best bargains Dell's online store has had this year: use code 599INSPIRON at checkout to save $350 on this desktop. This model features a powerful Intel CPU, plenty of memory for effective multi-tasking, and a generous 2TB hard drive to store your photos, music, and movies. Even better, this sleek tower was recently redesign to take up 45% less space, and it still offers excellent performance.

3. Amazon Fire Quad-Core 7-inch Tablet - Now $33.33 (Orig: $49.99)

At full price, this tablet was already a solid bargain. Add in this extra 35% Black Friday discount, and it's even more of a great value. Truth be told, we're not sure how Amazon is even profiting off this tablet at this price point.

4. 25% off the New 1080p Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa - Now $29.99 (Orig: $39.99)

The previous generation Fire TV stick was already one of the best TV streaming options. This newest generation version from Amazon is more powerful, has more memory, and promises to improve upon an already great item.

5. Nest Smart Thermostat - Now $199.99 (Orig: $249.99)

Want to save money, while lessening your impact on the environment? Consider picking up this newest Nest. This smart thermostat learns your schedule and patterns, figures out when it can lower the temperature, and helps you avoid heating an empty house. Best of all, it's all easily controlled with your smartphone from anywhere.

6. $40 off Amazon Echo Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa Assistant - Now $139.99 (Orig: $179.99)

The Amazon Echo is a piece of future tech – part streaming music player, part digital assistant thanks to Alexa. You can ask Alexa for a weather forecast, order an Uber, or even how many tablespoons are in a cup. If you have home automation set up, you can tell Alexa to set the temperature or dim the lights. Welcome to the 21st century.

7. $10 off Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa for $39.99 (Orig: $49.99)

The Echo Dot offers the majority of the regular Echo's functionality, but at a much smaller price. You can easily plug it into your existing speaker system, and if you loved Alexa you can affordably install these little hubs so it's always at your beck and call.

8. Kindle Discounts: New Kindle eReader Tablet for $49.99, Paperwhite for $79.99, and Voyager for $169.99

These are the lowest prices we've seen for the most recent Kindles, so now is a good time to buy. The regular Kindle or the Paperwhite are good options as introductory devices, but the Voyager is absolutely worth the extra cost for heavy readers. Amazon regularly offers free eBooks, so you can easily start a library on your new Kindle.

9. Doorbuster: Xbox One S with Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4, and Bonus Controller - Now $249.99 (Starts 11/24 9PM EST)

Update: That deal went fast, but the Microsoft Store is offering a discount on the Xbox One S, plus a free gift card and a game for the same $249, so still a good deal overall.

Pick up this 500GB Xbox One S bundle, and you'll also get two premium games and a bonus controller for local multiplayer. You could easily spend upwards of $180 purchasing the games and controller separately, so you won't want to miss out on this great deal.

10. Nest Cam 1080p Indoor Security Camera - Now $149.99 (Orig: $199.99)

Want to keep a watchful eye inside your home? This security camera from Nest is a good investment. After a fast and easy set-up process, you'll be able to use it to keep tabs on the happenings in your abode. On the go? You'll still be able to check the feed, and ensure that everything is safe and sound.

11. iRobot Rooma 650 Vacuum Robot - Now $274.99 (Orig: $375)

A vacuum cleaner that does all the hard work - it's an essential appliance. Schedule the Roomba to clean up to seven times a week, and your floors will never get dirty. We haven't seen a lower price for this model in 2016, so it's the time to buy.

12. Microsoft Office 365 with a $25 Dell Gift Card - Now $79.99 (Gift card shows in cart)

It's a rarity to see Microsoft Office being discounted, so this bargain is particularly noteworthy. Not only is this the best price for Office we've seen for Black Friday, but the additional gift card seals it as a great value.

13. Bose MusicMonitor Multimedia Speakers - Now $149.99 (Orig: $299.99)

This is one of the largest discounts we've seen on these excellent Bose speakers. Featuring the quality and power you'd get from professional sound equipment, you'll really appreciate all of the subtle nuances you'll be able to pick up from your music library.

14. Dropbox Pro One-Year Subscription with a $25 Dell Gift Card - Now $59.99 (Gift card shows in cart)

As of right now, Dell's online store is the only site we've found that has Dropbox Pro on sale. You'll save 40% off your first year, and get a $25 Dell Gift Card as well. If you're in need of easy-to-use online storage, backup or file sharing then jump on this deal as it's the one of the few and best discounts we've seen.

15. Dell E2416HM 24-inch 1920x1080 Monitor - Now $89.99 (Orig: $149.99)

24-inch monitors typically cost around 120 bucks each, so this deal has you saving about 25% off the average price. That might not seem like much, but that discount is vital if you're buying numerous displays for your office, a multi-monitor rig, or just want to increase your productivity with monitor.

16. 50% off the TimBuk2 Q 17-inch Laptop Backpack (Ironside) - Now $49.99 (Orig: $99)

Update: Deal is over on, but on Amazon has it listed for $69, and on it's $59, which is as close as it gets to the original deal.

TimBuk2 laptop backpacks are incredibly popular, and this is the best price we've seen this year. This bag is designed for both comfort and fashion, so you'll look great while toting your belongings around in style.