Electric vehicle startup Faraday Future has published yet another teaser clip, this time showing its first production vehicle lining up for a drag race against what appears to be a Ferrari 488 Italia, a Bentley Bentayga and a Tesla Model X.

In typical Faraday Future teaser fashion, its vehicle is heavily cloaked in covers designed to hide its appearance. What's more, the 17-second clip doesn't show a proper race but rather, snippets from the vehicles' launch off the line.

Even still, it provides some subtle insight into what we can expect come CES next month.

By lining up against luxury vehicles that aren't exactly slow, Faraday Future is clearly trying to convey that its vehicle is at least quick to accelerate. Given its electric powerplant, that's all but expected as all torque in such a setup is available at will. Whether or not the Faraday Future crossed the quarter-mile (or eighth-mile?) line before any of its perceived competition, however, isn't known.

Faraday Future no doubt put some thought into selecting the other vehicles in the clip. By that, I mean the company is likely hoping to give off the impression that its first production ride falls into the luxury category. Translation - it probably won't come cheap. The Guardian reported earlier this year that it could cost upwards of $150,000.

Video aside, Faraday Future has reportedly been going through some serious financial issues. With any luck, matters won't keep the company from unveiling their production vehicle in early January.