Even though the technology has been around for a while, 3D printing is still finding its way into new areas. We've already seen it used in industries such as medicine, vehicles, and architecture, and last year, Adidas announced its concept 3D printed running shoes: Futurecraft 3D. Now, the sports firm has revealed it will be selling 3D-printed shoes for the first time.

Adidas unveiled the "3D Runner" shoes back in August when it presented them to a select number of top athletes at the Rio Olympics. They will be available in limited quantities at launch, so getting hold of a pair won't be easy. Plus, they cost $333, which will doubtlessly put a few people off.

The 3D Runner can be reserved today using the Adidas Confirmed app. You can pick them up on December 15, but only from locations in London, Tokyo, and New York. Big Apple residents can collect theirs from Adidas NYC, the firm's new flagship store on 5th Avenue.

Adidas says that 3D printing really does bring design advantages to the shoes, and isn't a feature used solely as a marketing ploy.  

The shoe features an engineered 3D web structure with dense zones in high force areas and less dense zones in the low force areas, allowing for the optimum level of performance. The 3D Runner also features a 3D printed heel counter, which is integrated into the midsole and avoids the typical process of gluing or stitching. Benefits include greater elasticity, compliancy and support.

While the price may be high, expect the exclusivity of the 3D Runners to make them a sought-after item. Don't be surprised to see more sports firms follow in Adidas' footsteps and start using the technology in their products.